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You can create unforgettable experiences for the people with whom you work on a consistent basis. Now, you have the opportunity to learn exactly how and why. The Ultimate Experience book series, written by Amber Jewell, gives real-world examples and straightforward guides to relationship retention, as well as a breakdown on how these solid relationships benefit business as a whole.


Ultimate Client Experience

Available on Amazon in paperback and e-Book

This book explores
– the difference between customers and clients
– the importance of client loyalty
– why and how to fire clients
– a step-by-step guide to buyer longevity

The Ultimate Client Experience – Nominated for the
2019 Author Academy Awards

During the 2019 Author Academy Awards, The Ultimate Client Experience was nominated in the Business & Investing category, landing in the top 1,000 of the nominated publications.


    Available on Amazon in paperback and e-Book

This book discusses
– the definition of employee loyalty
– company gains from worker longevity
– policies to benefit both company and employees
– a step-by-step guide to employee retention