Life Coach VS Therapist

Of all the assumptions and questions that I get, I believe the biggest one is that I have a psychology degree. Many people tend to think that a life coach is the same thing as a therapist. Let me debunk this myth right here and now!

A life coach is a person who focuses on the present in order to help you reach your future. For example, I help you overcome limiting beliefs about yourself so that you can conquer that which you fear you cannot achieve.

A therapist, counselor, or psychologist focuses on the past in order to bring peace to the present. There are several different types of professions and therapies for this – which would take more than just a blog post to spell it all out. Instead, for your viewing please, I’ve posted an infographic to help you see the variety. [Note: The types of therapies are not necessarily aligned with any specific professional.]

Next week, I’ll be talking about the types of coaching that are available. Always be mindful of what you need and strive to get exactly that.

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